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How to Dominate 2022 by Growth Hacking SEO: The Ad-Free Way to Increase Sales on Autopilot

Why TheSchuck.Agency Approach is Better

Every business is unique. We'll take a deep dive into your business model, future goals, current catalysts and disruptors in the market, industry forecasts and trends to find opportunities for "quick wins" that posiiton you to out maneuver your competitors. 

No more guessing at what works - we analyze both your competitors and your industry to see what's working and how well. This growth hacking approach is highly strategic and allows us to make  gains in less time and with less resources. 

Based on the findings of our deep dive strategy session and competitor analysis we'll create a fully customized editorial calendar. You'll have highly shareable topics that contain high-intent buyer keywords and work to move prospective buyers down your sales funnel. 

With all the strategy and research done, now comes the fun part! We execute while you sit back and relax! Your custom workspace is available 24/7 and includes the complete content database, calendaring system, approval process, KPI tracking, and other resources so there's FULL project management transparency and you never have to wonder about project status and results.

This is where we squeeze all the juicy goodness out of the strategy. We'll optimize the content until we hit the agreed upon KPI's. Once that's achieved we amplify it with our secret formula of perfectly timed social media re-purposing, partner website promotion, Web 2.0 links, and social signals so that the search engines are forced to recognize your content as high-value and rank it accordingly.

We're firm believers in the old Peter Drucker adage, "What gets measured, gets improved." Every step of the way we will be working hard to increase your list of prospective buyers and the results of your campaigns. You will receive weekly reports of your progress and each month we will have a team meeting to analyze results and brainstorm pivots if needed. Your success is our passion and we'll never stop raising the bar.

How We Eliminate the Guesswork with Data

Our in-depth reports go far beyond basic keyword research. We analyze your content to determine how well your content is moving prospects down your sales from inital brand awareness to completing a sale. Each stage is critically important for warming your leads so they KNOW - LIKE - TRUST you. We'll help you create raving fans that buy your products/services AND recommend you to their colleagues.

Content Analysis

Curious which post brings in the most leads? Or maybe which article generates the most requests for appointments? We will tell you exactly what is working at EACH stage of your content sales funnel. 

Traffic Flow Analysis

How does your paid traffic compare to your social media traffic? Which has the best overall conversion rate? We'll give you clear and actionable data that tells you if your paid traffic spend is worth it, or what you should be doing instead. 

SERP Winners/Losers Analysis

Search engine algorithmns are changing daily exposing the winners and losers in each category. We use this data to CAPITALIZE on what is working and getting results and AVOID what isn't working and currently being demoted by SERPS.

How to Get Started:

Click the "Apply Now" button below and answer a few questions about your business and 2022 goals.

Give us 24 hours to review your application and do a quick analysis of your website.

If there's a good fit, we'll schedule a Discovery Call to gather more information.

Ready to move forward? Awesome, we'll send over a full proposal and contract detailing the opportunity. You will have 5 business days to either accept or decline the proposal. 

As Seen In

“Heather helped me grow sales 10X in a few short months.

If anything, my problem now is how to manage all the rapid new sales growth.” 

Matt Sparks
CEO, Pika.Life


Business should have a solid understanding of their goals with full buy-in from the team.

Business must have an established content management system in place such as Wordpress or Hubspot - or be willing to have one created.

Business needs to be able to commit at least $3,000 a month for a minimum of 3 months.

"Within 10 minutes, Heather had zeroed in on root-cause problems I’d been oblivious to for months. The marketing angle of my business has shifted to something far more intuitive and effective, and it’s all because of my work with Heather."

Mason Engel

CEO, Climb Write

"I had the pleasure of working with Heather to create a new sales funnel for my business, and was struck by how immediately she was able to dial in on what changes I needed to make in order to achieve my goals.  Working with her was fun, insightful and extremely helpful.  I now feel very clear on what direction I need to take to optimize my lead generation."

Elyse Archer

Founder, Instant Impact

"Honest feedback that gives you laser focused strategy; narrowing down who is the target audience and how you can serve them and not everyone else; shifted my mindset from feeling like an imposter to 'you actually know a WHOLE lot!!!'"

Ariel Jones

Owner, The I Do Experience

Who should apply:

If you're a business looking to...

Sell more products, generate more QUALITY leads, secure more consulting clients, and/or launch an online course.

Build a REAL foundation for your business and get off the F*cebook hamster wheel.

Cut back on ad spend and stop relying on cold traffic that's both costly and inconsistent.

Create a rock-solid platform so you're seen as a thought leader in your industry. You want speaking gigs, book deals, and access to high value partnerships.

Make a difference in the world with your passion project and you're ready to start screaming it from the rooftops.

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Common questions we get:

I tried SEO before, got poor results after 6 months and gave up - how is this different?

Sounds about right. SEO is a solid strategy, but it can take a long time to see results. Our approach is far from traditional. We heavily leverage in-depth research, critical analysis and predictive analytics tools to make strategic and educated decisions that are timely. We don't settle for "this is a good keyword" nonsense.

Instead you'll get, "Your competitor is getting on average 50 sales a month from traffic generated from this page with these keywords - we can beat it by creating a pillar content piece that's 3,240 words and has 42 backlinks in a ratio of 20 branded/12 keyword/10 internal." You decide - which advice do you trust more?

Is this even legal?

Yes! Everything we do is White Hat and fully adheres to each search engines terms of service. We've been doing marketing for over 15 years and have never once had an issue with a site being blacklisted or penalized. We're typically the ones FIXING those short-sighted and foolish mistakes made by other agencies.  

What happens when there's an algorithmn update?

Our strategies are designed to produce LONG TERM results. Sure, you might see some fluctuations is your rankings when there is a major search engine update, but we're proactive about limiting the impact. The majority of the time we know about the upcoming update before it's official and have already started to prepare for it. 

What's included in the monthly service?

The high-level rundown is explained in the "Why TheSchuck.Agency Approach is Better" section above.

The exact deliverables will vary depending on your needs, how fast you'd like to see results, and which package you choose. However, a monthly minimum is keyword research, 1 long-form pillar post, 3 cluster posts, and 4 keyword posts along with content creation, editing, management, optimization, amplification and lead generation.

Where can I learn more about you?

Feel free to visit us at TheSchuck.Agency and you can schedule a Discovery Call there as well.

Additional Services We Offer:

Platform Builder: Our 1 to 1 Coaching Intensive

Our Platform Builder coaching intensive is the perfect place to start if you're currently struggling with defining your personal brand. We take a deep dive into your business and your industry to find timely opportunites that will catapult you to thought leader status.

Week 1: Finding Your Why - and Why NOW

Week 2: Defining Your Brand Framework

Week 3: Architecting Your Personal Brand Platform 

Week 4: Platform Building and Outreach

What you walk away with:

• Sense of purpose - you no longer have to feel “lost” online 
• Rock-solid personal brand that gets noticed
• Cure for Imposter Syndrome and an instant boost in confidence (hello sales!)
• Roadmap for creating content that drives sales/leads/growth
• Ready-to-execute strategy for being a thought leader in your industry
• Priceless feedback and personalized guidance from a 15+ year branding expert

Investment:  $1,250

Interested? Schedule a FREE 20 minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit and the timing is right.

Social Media Management

Not enough hours in the day? Our social media management add-on ensures you get the maximum benefit from our content amplification system. We focus primarily on Instagram and Facebook, but can 

  • Custom strategic plan 
  • 3 unique, branded posts per week (IG & FB)
  • 15 DIY content creation suggestions each month
  • Image sourcing, graphic creation, copywriting
  • Customized page edits (bio & profile optimization, story highlight creation, cover photo, any other edits)
  • Targeted hashtags that support keyword research
  • One hour per week of organic, targeted growth and community engagement
  • Comprehensive monthly reports
  • One hour video consultation per month
  • Ongoing industry and community research

Investment:  $1,500/month & up

Interested? Schedule a FREE 20 minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit and the timing is right.

Who's that girl?

With over 15 years experience as a Marketing Strategist and Fractional CMO, I have helped entrepreneurs generate $300+ million in revenue to date.

I’m not all talk and “guru theories.” As a lifelong entrepreneur myself, I have a deep appreciation for the unique challenges Founders and CEO’s face on a daily basis.

I launched a childrens’ clothing company from my kitchen table with ZERO experience and grew it into a $14 million lifestyle brand that could be found both internationally and domestically in over 500 boutiques and large retailers such as Nordstroms, Barneys New York, Target, JCPenney, Sears, Buy Buy Baby and others. I did this without VC money or a huge team supporting me.

Over the years, I’ve honed my process and have created many other huge “wins” for companies in the consumer product goods (CPG), real estate, healthcare, CBD, e-learning, consulting, and the legal industry to name a few. 


Heather Schuck,

Founder The Schuck.Agency

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